About Suzanne Betz

Suzanne Betz is an artist from Taos, New Mexico. Her paintings are known to hover between figuration and abstraction, sometimes leaning more one way or the other. She works spontaneously from her subconscious, watching images develop that are playful and enigmatic; figures that appear and disappear beneath veils of color. The act of painting for her is spiritual and physical joy, reflecting her own personal journey.

Perhaps best known for her paintings of horses, she sets these splendid animals in color fields, often black, with no horizon or ground. However, as she insists, the black is not a void but is “supportive.” Just as sound becomes music when there are intervals between notes, the negative spaces in a painting — what is left where there is no object — can create an abstract expression of their own. As the artists suggests, what is left unspoken can often be more intriguing than what is said.

(See more about Suzanne's art at Taos Blue Gallery).