The Contemporary Paintings of Suzanne Betz hover between figuration and abstraction. She works spontaneously from her subconscious, watching images develop that are playful and enigmatic; figures that appear and disappear beneath veils of color. The act of painting is a spiritual and physical joy, reflecting her personal journey. Her work is about what happens when we move outside the structure and the known. Images shift, change, obscure and reveal the surprise, humor, mystery and celebration of life.


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About Suzanne Betz

The basis for Suzanne Betz’s art is her attunement to the physical world and its resonance with the metaphysical. This never-ending process of engagement is centered in her relationship with and understanding of horses, especially her retired polo pony Mister. To speak with her about these intelligent, noble animals is to encounter a true study or discipline. Drawn to them since she was a child, Betz calls them “a perfect mirror” reflective of the person working with them.